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  • Do you sell queens as well?
    Unfortunatly, we use all queens in our own operation. But, we do hope to begin selling queens in 2023!
  • Are hives/nucs treated for mites & diseases?
    If needed, yes! We do raise our bees using VSH bloodlines. However, we carefully monitor varroa levels, and treat if they exceed 2 per 100 bees. We also use Strong Microbials on all our hives to help keep any foulbroods at bay.
  • Will these bees adapt to other climates?
    Yes! We've used these breeds from Texas, to Minnesota, to California, to Florida, and everywhere in between. They operate very well in all climates.
  • Can you provide other breeds of bees?
    With enough planning, yes. If there is a specific breed you want outside of what we already sell, we can often make that happen. But, we need several months to prepare.
  • How old are the frames in the nucs/hives? And are they plastic or wood frames?
    Frames in all units, even with new equipment, are used. We transfer bees and brood from existing hives to start new hives, thus using used frames. The vast majority of frames are wooden frames with plastic foundation. There are occassionally some all plastic frames mixed in, but it's minimal. We try to cull out frames over 5-6 years old, and make sure no frames are broken or severely damaged. However, they will be used!
  • What style of lid is on the used singles & doubles?
    It varies. Most of our lids are hot dipped plywood lids, with a cleat on the front & back. However, we also have some hives with a flat, 3/8-5/8in flat lid with no cleats.
  • For singles & double deeps, are they cleated boxes?"
    We tend to have both styles available most years. If you must have one style or the other, please let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen!
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