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Our History

As a business that has deep experience in commercial beekeeping & almond pollination, we understand the pain points and issues, from overwintering, to placing bees on time, to bee quality, weather, grading and more. Think of us as your personal beekeeping crew on call at all times in California. We've leveraged our 20 years of experience to ensure your bees are properly cared for. 

Desert Creek was started in 2002 by Blake Shook who grew the business from a hobby, to a sideline, to a commercial beekeeping business. In the several years since our founding, Desert Creek has grown to a recognized name in the industry. In addition to providing bees for almond pollination, we operate many thousands of beehives nationwide for honey, pollination & bee selling ( and package & sell honey ( Our sister company sells commercial & hobby beekeeping supplies nationwide ( Each of these businesses serves to deepen our understanding and offerings on all levels of beekeeping. Whether you are a veteran commercial beekeeper or brand new to the industry- we can speak your language. We have the resources and background to do more than make almond pollination season low stress & successful year after year. We look forward to serving you! 

Meet Our Team


Blake Shook 


Blake founded Desert Creek in 2002. He now serves on the National Honey Board, and the American Beekeeping Federation. Through teamwork and phenomenal employees,  Desert Creek has grown to include a commercial migratory operation, a honey packing company, an bulk bee selling company, and a beekeeping supplies company in addition to this pollination brokering business.


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Justin Russell

Operations Manager

Justin is a commercial beekeeper from Texas who also oversees DCP's CA operations. He's well versed in all things commercial beekeeping, has an incredible work ethic, and makes sure bees are cared for properly no matter what it takes, day or night! 


Tiffany Adair


Tiffany is the head administrator, customer advocate, logistics coordinator, and much more. She is a long time member of the Desert Creek team, and serves in a wide variety of capacities throughout the company. Tiffany typically answers our phone, handles emails, and details around purchasing. 



Cesar Gomez

Field Manager

Cesar joined Desert Creek many years ago, and has grown to be one of our sharpest field experts. He oversees our field crews, and is an incredibly experienced when it comes to moving bees & placing hives safely and with the utmost care to bees & orchards.


Hayden Chrisman

Field Manager

Hayden began keeping bees as a teenager and in the years since quickly exploded into a commercial beekeeper. He joined the Desert Creek team as an expert in all areas of beekeeping, especially when it comes to grading & placing hives in orchards. 


Expert Field Crew

Field Crew

The most credit goes to our many tireless field crew beekeepers. From quality control, to hive placement, grading and so much more, none of this would be possible without our field crew!


Beekeeping Experts

With a long, rich history in beekeeping, we know exactly what it takes to find, raise & place the highest quality bees in the industry 


excellent value

Everyone loves a good deal. But with pollination, you tend to get what you pay for. We strive to balance pricing and quality to provide the highest quality pollination for any budget


Exceptional qUALTIY

We know beekeeping is hard. We know that growers rely on quality bees. We go the extra mile to support beekeepers, and ensure growers are getting exactly what is paid for. Full transparency through the entire process is paramount for us. 


Superior Innovation

We've experienced all sides of this industry- brokers, beekeepers & growers. As we've learned the pain points of each, we've developed innovative tools and offers to make each easier!

Our Core Values

Our Operation

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